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   The Founding of the Philadelphia Thimble Society



 On February 12 1979, nine thimble collectors who had become acquainted through one another met to discuss the idea of starting a thimble group. It was a beautiful but cold winter day. Everyone was excited to see each other and talk thimbles, but especially at the prospect of forming a "thimble society" that would attract other collectors. 
It was decided that the official name would be the Philadelphia Thimble Society.  Everyone was so involved in this exciting new venture that no one noticed the day had turned snowy with three to five inches of snow, on the ground when it was time to leave.  In remembrance of this day, the snowflake became the symbol of the Philadelphia Thimble Society.  On the Society's tenth anniversary a thimble with applied snowflakes around the band designed to commemorate that first meeting day, was commissioned of  Simons Brothers.
Early meetings were held in members' homes and as anticipated, many new collectors joined. It wasn't long before everyone realized the group had outgrown meeting in homes. After a trial period at  Marple Public Library in Broomall, PA (a suburb of Philadelphia), all agreed and this became the permanent meeting place of the Philadelphia Thimble Society.
In August 1984, the Philadelphia Thimble Society hosted the Thimble Collectors International Convention.  It was the first TCI convention where the group host planned and executed all phases of the convention.  Another noteworthy project was the researching and publishing of a booklet on Henry Muhr & Sons, a Philadelphia thimble manufacturer.

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