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 Thimble Collecting Toolbox

 Purpose: To provide the tools or resources a collector would need to collect, catalog, and maintain a thimble collection. This page is under construction. Please ignore our dust!



Tools for the Hunt

Loop or 10X magnifier, magnet, pencil with good eraser, & small reference book

      Golden Rules:

  • Collect only the thimbles you like.  Many new collectors get wrapped up in collecting thimble or other sewing items that are considered "special" or "highly collectable" and don't really like them. Thimble collecting should be fun!

  • Books on thimbles and sewing tools are your primary tools.  Start researching thimbles early.  See booklists on this site.

  • Join a local thimble group, like the Philadelphia Thimble Society. Consider becoming a member of Thimble Collectors International (TCI) or an online forum, like CyberThimble. All are great environments for learning about your new passion!

  • Start cataloging your thimbles early. It can be as simple as recording a thimble purchase on an index card to creating a complex database for your growing collection.

  •  Remember, thimbles are like horses; they are for your pleasure and not an investment.


       Where to Find Thimbles

  1. PTS Meeting.  One of the best places to find thimbles and other sewing tools is at the Mini Sales Mall before the meeting and Auction. Our next meeting is on Saturday 19 October 2013.

  2. Antique Shows, Consignment shops, Regional Mini Conventions


Coming Attractions
We plan to expand on each of the topics below. As a section is completed, it will be added to the Highlights box with a hyperlink. So stay tuned.

Photographing Equipment
Camera, macro lens, diffused light box (a "how to" with pictures)

Cataloguing your Collection

Display your Collection

Maintenance and Care of Your Collection


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